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Therapeutic Equestrian

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We create customized therapy programs for our participants. When a client comes into our program, they each go through an individual assessment. We then build a custom program based on that individual’s specific (and limitations) needs and their doctor’s recommendations. Once that program is developed, we then match them to a horse that’s the right size and has the right kind of training for the program we’ve developed for them. We also match the right volunteers and trained therapy staff to that person’s program. We also have a trained, licensed psychologist on staff for program participants that require more advanced oversights for any mental conditions such as PTSD.

Healing Horses. Healing Humans.

Creating Positive Behavior!



Saddle up and discover the many benefits of therapeutic riding, and the many programs we offer at Let's Ride.

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Julia Johnson


"Patti and Ann have helped me regain confidence that I never thought i'd get back after a very bad fall. Thank you ladies for alll you do!"

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Healing Horses.

Healing Humans.

Creative Positive Behaviors.

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